I’m a software engineer at Uniswap Labs in NYC. Graduated from UC Berkeley M.E.T. with degrees in EECS + Business in 2023.


I’m a crypto geek who’s spent time working for crypto protocols, wallets, venture funds, and nonprofits. Building a more inclusive world matters a lot to me — it’s why I’ve spent so much energy working towards more globally-inclusive financial systems, gender equity in tech, and better innovation ecosystems. In college, wrote code as an intern at Uniswap Labs, Nascent, Novi Financial (FB Crypto). Led operations at diversity nonprofit she256, and interned on the platform team at Pantera Capital.


I’m also Type A planner who seeks out Type II fun. I love hard hikes, backpacking, volleyball, immersive travel, and being out on the water. In college, I paddled competitively with Cal Dragon Boat. After graduating, I travelled Europe solo for a month and hiked (part of) the Tour du Mont Blanc. Being able to stay active is a privilege I don’t take for granted since I could never participate in sports growing up due to my scoliosis.